Do more of what makes you happy: Eat raspberries

…or strawberries, or blue berries, or black berries… I went to the farmers market with my son this morning. First we picked up some veggies and fruit. Then he suddenly asked for strawberries. Got those. Shortly after he asked for raspberries. Next time, I said. Then we picked up some sugar peas and fresh carrots….

Day 11: Finding treasures

I came across a little treasure today. Another blogger that found me and me finding her blog called luvwhatuce in return… a little treasure box of inspirations. The following five statements are great reminders of what can be rewarding in our lives. Fill in the blanks with your own words… 1- “A goal I’m currently working toward…

Day 9: Happiness

Some days happiness seems to grow out of experiencing the small everyday things. But then there also days when life is full with that bursting-out-at-the-seams-with-joy kind of happiness… Share it!