Do more of what makes you happy… Part 2

… and sometimes, all you need is some really good chocolate cake. To be exact, a decadent slice with a marzipan chocolate creme icing on top complete with cookie crumble and a cup of „Happy“ tea. It worked… my mood lifted the moment I stepped out onto the pavement in front of the cafè, where…


After a busy fall, it is the home stretch to Christmas. It feel like forever since I took the time to gather a few thoughts here. I did write some notes here and there, but the words then seem to not reflect where I am „tunneling“ at the moment. My trip to Vancouver was great….

Day 10: Finding balance

I completed the first week of my 40 days of yoga and then took one day off. Actually, it worked out quite well. Even though I did not make it to my yoga class at all this week. It is always amazing to me what happens to the mind once that attitude shift has happened….

Balancing my Easter eggs

Today is the first time I am writing in my kitchen looking out over a few roof tops. The pale winter sun is trying to break through making the day look a wee bit more friendly. But really, there is a snow dusting on the roof across and I can see the flag at the…