Do more of what makes you happy: Draw some monsters

20160102_201103.jpgMy son told me the other day that he likes the robots I draw. I do not know whether I ever drew robots as a child. Or monsters. Or mandalas. Now I do. And I am enjoying it tremendously.

There is quite a lot of drawing going on in our house. My husband is an artist. And I was happy to see that our son inherited his love for drawing. Lots of monsters, robots, superheroes, battle scenes and the likes. So I adapt at times. And discovered my talent for drawing robots!

Then I decided to find some mandalas instead (Mandala 4free was the page I used). My son started helping me and it was so much fun to draw together.

Anything you do with a childlike joy, not to fulfill a specific purpose but rather just for the sake of doing it. Let it be what it may. Let it flow from your heart. And whatever it is, it will be beautiful.