Heart Wide Open

The Canadian Sky

This week I am finishing off some of my classes at the studio I have been teaching at since spring. Starting January I am venturing out and offering two of my own courses.

However, I wanted to do something special in my last classes and suggested to take them through a guided meditation. I love the Heart Chakra Meditation from Karunesh and went with that choice. I was also curious to find out what it would feel like for me now, since I have had some very emotional encounters with this meditation in the past.

Obviously it was different with me being the teacher. But I felt encouraged afterwards with the positive feedback and will have another class to repeat the process this week.

While I was moving through the meditation there were different thoughts coming and going, one struck me though. Back in 2013 when I did the meditation the first time I was struggling with my home sickness for Canada. The movement and process literally cracked my heart wide open, showing me my sadness but then also taking it away. Now again, I was thinking about Canada, but in a different way. There was a level of certainty about moving back there one day, even if it is in the distant future.

Today I saw someone’s photo of a Chapter’s store banner „The World needs more Canada“ and it brought a smile to my face. Chapter’s has been using this phrase for quite a few years now, I remember buying a t-shirt with it for my cousin’s little boy years ago. Becoming Canadian gives me the opportunity to carry my own „maple heart“ wherever I go. So Canada is always just a heartbeat away.