Change is in the air

my faces.jpgMy one and only face reflected multiple times in a life-sized kaleidoscope… from a yogic perspective I find it fascinating that I have just the one face but fill out all these different roles. I am not sure how much of my inside going-ons are really being reflected on my expression but no matter how I feel it is still that very same face.

Tonight, I am sitting at my little desk in my little corner in the bedroom. Finally. We had a huge clean-up, re-arrange and sort-out session. The result: earlier this afternoon each one of us (mum, dad, son) spent some time in another room of our apartment. Oh how much I enjoyed being here on my own. We even got a new shelf. I can finally have all my paperwork in one area instead of spread out all over the place. It really doesn’t take a lot to make me happy…

During the clean-up I also stumbled across my bucket list I wrote almost three years ago. As the end of the year is drawing closer I can’t help but wonder what I managed to accomplish. And looking at that list made me realize – things are going just fine. I am exactly where I am supposed to be at. Further ahead, sure, but also still faced with challenges to keep things interesting. I got through half of my list. My last yoga retreat was in the summer. But heck, it was just as good as at any other time of the year.

I still want to go to the Seelow heights with my husband. Well, and my son hasn’t played with his Playmobil stuff for quite a while now. But I seem to be getting better at taking care of myself first…

Change is in the air, continuously. I have been teaching yoga since spring. Now towards the end of the year I am finishing with my classes. The times just do not work for me. And I felt the need to go back to the „drawing board“ to figure what and where I really want to teach. While I feel it difficult to let go of my expectations, I am intrigued by what freeing up some of my time will inspire. There is always room for growth. But first there has to be room.

Change is in the air. Breathing in. Breathing out. Letting things unfold.