Do more of what makes you happy: Say yes, say no

wpid-20151007_110023.jpgI spent a few days in Munich recently and had time to visit the Andy Warhol exhibition there. I photographed the building because the Yes! Yes! Yes! in the windows struck a cord with me.

How often do you do things just to do them? To be able to do more of the things you enjoy and that make you happy you have to be able to say no first.

No! – to things that make you unhappy.

No! – to people that drag you down.

No! – to bad habits, especially that bad habit to just do things because you „have“ to.

Except life-sustaining activities like eating and drinking there is absolutely nothing that we really „have“ to do. Of course it requires more effort to decipher why you do certain things. Again, out of habit, out of fear, out of convenience, out of …. There is an amazing range of feelings and motivations when you look closely. But even so, to realize that you have a choice can be very liberating.

With choice comes responsibility. If I have a choice, I am also responsible. And there are moments when that can seem overwhelming. However, I can also wholeheartedly say Yes!

Yes! – to things that make me happy.

Yes! – to people that support me.

Yes! – to behaviour that serves me.

Saying no to things that do not serve you will free up time to do more of what makes you happy… Say yes, say no…