Do more of what makes you happy: Hug a tree!

Ginkgo.jpgI love trees. These living things have always fascinated me. The different shapes, sizes and personalities they display. One of my favorite trees is the Ginkgo tree, also known as maidenhair tree, which I just found out. The leaves turn a beautiful yellow in fall. There happen to be quite a few Ginkgo trees around Jena, because Goethe, a famous German poet and writer planted one in the Botanical Garden here.

Walking past this old Ginkgo tree this morning reminded me of the time when my son was six months old and we used to sit underneath trees in the local park. My son would just stare in wonder at the leaves above moving in the breeze and the sun beams streaming through the canopy of leaves. Thanks to my little one a beautiful sight I rediscovered.

During my yoga retreat this summer, we did a walking meditation through the forest behind the center. It was so much easier to slow down my walking pace surrounded by the peace and quietude. Many a time I touched a tree’s bark curious what this particular tree feels like.

No matter whether you decide to actually hug a tree or not. Wandering through a forest, being surrounded by nature or marveling at the beautiful world all around us, all serves the same purpose… reminding us how lucky we are to be here. Happiness…