Do more of what makes you happy: Eat raspberries

raspberries and basil.jpg…or strawberries, or blue berries, or black berries…

I went to the farmers market with my son this morning. First we picked up some veggies and fruit. Then he suddenly asked for strawberries. Got those. Shortly after he asked for raspberries. Next time, I said. Then we picked up some sugar peas and fresh carrots. And sat down with our treasures. My son started munching away on the strawberries. The guy at the stand next to us called out his specials including all kinds of berries. Shortly later I had picked up two cartons of raspberries. As we sat there watching everyone milling about with the sun warming our backs it struck me that eating raspberries always makes me smile.

There is not other food that has that same effect on me (well, maybe except some really good chocolate…). Picking berries right off a bush and tasting the sun-warmed flavour dissolve on my tongue… Summer!

There is something essentially human about enjoying your favourite food… cooking it, sharing it with friends and family, being present while savouring the flavour…

Do more of what makes you happy: Eat raspberries…

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