One step out of the door

friends.jpgYesterday we dropped off our seven year old son together with his best buddy for his first summer camp. One whole week away from home. When we left, he was kneeling on the floor getting all his Lego out. Totally absorbed in playing. He seemed happy enough. Me – that was another story. I felt rather emotional. If not to say very sad.

Time flies when you are having fun… and when you have kids. It seems just a few short weeks ago that he started school.

Being able to let go. Letting my son take that next step out of the door has left me feeling very vulnerable. When we are together with our children, we tend to believe we can keep them 100% safe. We believe we have it all under control.

But the truth is, bad things do happen. However, keeping my son from becoming more independent won’t make him safer.

As he wanders off with his friend into their own little world (which seems to be populated by Lego-Fantasy-Creatures) I hope for the best. I feel sad but I also feel joy. About him being back soon. About having some extra time to myself. And about the closeness we share.

But I also know that when he is taking his next step I will feel the same…