Do more of what makes you happy… Make a list!

Jena Saale Horizontale.jpgMake a list of things that make you happy

Make a list of things you do every day

Compare the lists – Adjust accordingly

I read this on a Facebook post the other day. And for obvious reasons I love it. I went on this beautiful but slightly long hike (37.5 km, that works out to 23.3 miles) yesterday. It was the perfect day, we had it all… blue sky, sunshine, dramatic clouds, some rain, wind. My colleague and I participated in a race along the local mountains. My favorite part is reigniting my appreciation for the amazing surroundings of this place we call our home. I am originally from Jena, however, I know a bit more about gratitude now, then I did back when I was in my twenties. Having been away on and off for 15 years also lets me see my home in a different light.

Some of the things on my list that make me happy are: being out and about on walks (would like to do that daily), reading, yoga, eating good chocolate, drinking coffee in the sunshine (the first bit I manage daily, no problemo) and most importantly getting hugs from my son and my husband.

What makes me happy too is making a list of 10 things that I am grateful for today… number 1… looking at the photos I took yesterday… number 2… spending lots of fun times with my family today… number 3… who ate the chocolate I was saving?…