Do more of what makes you happy… Be a Freak!

Piano with card do more of what makes you happy.jpgWe all have one or more of these people in our lives that seem slightly off. They are really into something, e.g. heavy metal music, yoga, running for miles on end, rock climbing… and it is difficult to comprehend at times why they are so into something that is interesting to us, but hey get a grip already. However, it is also very endearing if someone is very passionate about something. And because they spend so much time and energy on their – let’s call it hobby for simplicities‘ sake – they know a lot about it and/or are very good at it. And there is something else, the energy they are radiating is more often than not captivating.

Last week I saw the band Roniia in a living-room-sized club house. And I loved every minute of it. While watching them perform, the words „music freaks“ came to my mind. They were so into their music, every beat. So was the audience, by the way. It was so beautiful.

Do more of what makes you happy. What you are good at. What you love to do. What you are passionate about. When we feel passionate, we also feel alive. That is for me what life is all about. Feeling love. Feeling passion. And above all sharing it.