This is it… This was it…

yoga teacher essentials.jpgIt is done. I held my first yoga class as a teacher this Monday. Oh I was so nervous. My heart beat was right there in my throat while I was trying to chant an OM that did not reveal how I felt…

I made it. No big blanks. No injured students that had to be carried out of the room on a stretcher. Nor did I faint…

Working towards something for a long time, then passing that point… there is a sense of loss and sadness. The feeling that the best is over. However, in this context the situation is very different. I am starting out, taking my first baby steps as a teacher.

So here I am, excited and apprehensive. But I guess it is all part of the process. What I am most excited about is the yoga community I am part of. The loving support, the positive energy and the faith that I can become what I have been aspiring to for such a long time now.

As I sit here and prepare my next lessons I feel an unbelievable amount of gratitude. To all my teachers along the way, previous ones, current ones and the ones that have yet to appear in my life…

What makes this process so unique and beautiful is that so many moments are folded into one another, shaping how I give to the world and what I am prepared to receive. And somehow I truly believe that I was always meant to arrive here…

Ham Sa… I am That… That I am… All is One.

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  1. Bharat sagt:

    Congratulations. Teaching yoga is a good thing to do, and you will receive many blessings in the doing of it. Don’t expect the butterflies to go away. They tend to stay. And teaching yoga is a drain on the energy – always watching, thinking, being responsible… So be sure to take time for yourself, to recharge. Taking a yoga class is a good way. You get to be in the back of the room and let someone else run things while you just receive. Yummy.

    1. Thank you Bharat. Yes I have heard that from many teachers and plan to make a point of it. A great way to learn new things too. Love your blog btw. Peace and light Ramona

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