Do more of what makes you happy… Part 2

Piano with card do more of what makes you happy.jpg… and sometimes, all you need is some really good chocolate cake. To be exact, a decadent slice with a marzipan chocolate creme icing on top complete with cookie crumble and a cup of „Happy“ tea.

It worked… my mood lifted the moment I stepped out onto the pavement in front of the cafè, where I had just picked up this beautiful piece of bakery. For my taste, it was too loud to actually enjoy my cake inside the cafè, however, a huge smile had already crept onto my face as I was carrying my little treasure down the road.

Now sitting here with the first taste of chocolatey-gooey goodness melting in my mouth I realize what luxury this is. And this moment is about to get even better; the piano is waiting just for me.

I am already brimming with happiness. The chords remind me how some moments resonate with us, either because we are very happy or very sad, feeling the sensation throughout the entire body.

On days when I can drop my breath and my perception into the center of my body and actually feel my thoughts, rather than trying to grasp them with my mind. And manage to focus on my breath in a way that blur the constant chatter in my head… then my yoga just is.

Beautiful. One. In-breath. Out-breath. Silence.