ResurfacingAfter a busy fall, it is the home stretch to Christmas. It feel like forever since I took the time to gather a few thoughts here. I did write some notes here and there, but the words then seem to not reflect where I am „tunneling“ at the moment.

My trip to Vancouver was great. And very different from my week alone there in July. Taking my son changed the priorities. We spend a lot of time hanging out with friends, his and mine. I had loads of coffee and many a chat. It ended up being quite a packed schedule, which I was trying to avoid, but we had a great time.

A few weeks ago, I finally had to admit that these hectic months of changes and upheaval have taken their toll on my energy level. I just wasn’t getting the rest I needed, physically and mentally. I felt uprooted and lost my sense of direction. After an intense yoga weekend I found the motivation to start making some changes. Slowly, I am getting back to the things I enjoy. That give my mind a break. Turning my mind off, abandoning the constant chatter, has always been one of my biggest challenges.

Coming back up for air, having been adrift seems to be the closest analogy I can think off. However, I still feel a long way away from the main land…