There and back again… Part 3

Vancouver Spanish Banks.jpgThe letter has arrived… I found out on Thursday morning standing in my kitchen. I would be taking my oath of citizenship in two weeks time. No clue yet how to handle flights, work and whether taking the family might be a bad idea (read: renewed homesickness).

Five minutes later… I am making tea, turning to look out of the window into a grey morning. Suddenly I am thinking of the ocean, beaches, a beautiful sunset… then more space, the sky, mountains disappearing in the clouds… the passing of a friend during my last trip…

The heart ache is back, tears rolling, the space time continuum is sucking me in… time travel…

Then the kettle boils, my son comes bouncing in demanding breakfast, the hand of the clock keeps inadvertently moving towards departure time… zoom…

I am back right here in this little room, two months later wondering what the next trip to Canada will bring…

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