Where it all startet II

Unchartered watersEverything in life comes full circle. Nothing new there.

I have been struggling with acceptance lately and suddenly… flash… I stopped holding on. My mind cleared.

We were cleaning house today. Such a relief to tackle some of that clutter. I so needed that. Then I picked up one of my yoga books, I forgot I had. „Meditations from the Mat“ by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison. Reading day 1: „A spiritual practice is one that brings us full circle – not to a new self but, rather, back to the essence of our true selves. Yoga is the practice of celebrating what is. […] It is the aim of all spiritual seeking to bring us home, home to the understanding that we already have everything we need.“

That was it. The end of my struggle. The last few weeks, months, I started to worry that I was loosing „my yoga“ again. But it was there all along. With me. Waiting for me to sit down, take a break, calm my mind and be present.

I started blogging two years ago, on August 27th to be exact. Back then, we were living in Berlin. We had just moved there from Vancouver. Shortly after we moved again to a much smaller town. We haven’t looked back.

I have also had a hard time to sit down and write lately. Well, I think I started again. Just now.

Sometimes, we need to walk a little further. Peek around the next corner to move forward. Letting go of the fear…

Coming full circle. Touchdown. Reset. Start again.