There and back again…

Cates Park.jpgI haven’t checked-in during the last 18 days. So much has happened…

I have traveled 10,000 miles, climbed a mountain and lost a friend.

I finally understand that my roots are in Germany and my heart, that expansive-space-in-my-chest, will always be on the Pacific West Coast. And I realized that should we decide to move continents once again that this too will be okay.

I found out that getting my Canadian citizenship has changed from just being a mountain of paperwork to a cause close to my heart.

And spending all this soul-filling quality time with close friends in Vancouver and in Jena during the last few weeks has left me awed with gratitude for the wonderful people in my life.

Tomorrow I am off to a cleansing week, which is part of my yoga teacher training. I feel excited and raw. Mainly because so many emotions have been with me lately. However, I will have more time to sort through everything that has happened. Revisiting memories, feeling what comes up, finding the appropriate place for them.

Still catching my breath from traveling half-way around the world…

There and back again…




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