Day 7: Back on track… almost

Back on track.jpgIf I have learned one thing this week, it would be this… changing eating habits while being stressed and out of town is, well, was in my case unsuccessful.

I didn’t go full out. A couple of slices of cheese here, a cup of coffee there, a glass of wine to round it all off and so on, however, it did bug me a lot. However, I was hungry at the time and grateful that the caterer at the conference I attended was considerate enough to serve the sausages separate from the potato soup! But… drum roll… I dodged the desserts. And anyone who knows how much I love chocolate will appreciate the effort.

So what is next?! I will finally go back to yoga classes next week. I will finally tackle my paper work pile. And overall, vacation time is over, I need to stop procrastinating and get things sorted.

Last but not least, tomorrow I will also have to buy a different brand of toast. When I read the ingredients this morning, turns out there is lactic acid in my toast! Sigh…

Yes, I know I can bake my own bread. But really, at the moment, I don’t want to. So, off I go…


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  1. M sagt:

    Lactic acid isn’t alway non vegan – check online or email the company before you ditch the bread, it may be okay! (And bear this in mind for other purchases too.)

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