Day 1: No cheese, Gromit. Not a bit in the house! (Gulp!)

DSC_0391Well, this is not exactly true. We do have cheese in the house. But I decided I a few days ago that I would embark on a 60 day vegan journey. And today is day 1 of 60 without cheese… and without coffee.

After reading a blog about a convinced carnivore completing a 60 day vegan diet, I felt inspired. And I already noticed a shift today, I am checking food labels again. We tend to get into certain eating habits that we usually don’t challenge. We buy the same groceries, cook the same dinners, eat out at the same restaurants, … Once in a while it is a good thing to stop and consciously decide what we put into our bodies today.

I also wrote a meal plan and shopping list with my hubby. I am hoping that I will actually follow it for once. So over the next few weeks I am dusting off my vegan cookbooks and will test a few new recipes.

For now I am enjoying to come up with replacements. For lunch I had salsa and tofu instead of butter and hering with my boiled potatoes. Coffee was off the menu anyway, so no worries about the milk. For dinner I turned a couple of onions, some garlic, vegetable broth and a lonely kohlrabi from the back of fridge into a yummy red lentil soup.

And tonight I went for a walk and peeked into all the ice cream places around here. But no luck. That treat will have to wait till tomorrow when the vegan cafe is open. Vegan ice cream for lunch anyone?


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  1. M sagt:

    The fact that we get into eating habits should give you some hope – all it takes is a bit of effort and concentration at this point and soon you’ll be in new (vegan) eating habits and it will be effortless again!

    Can’t you get soya milk in cafes over there? I love my decaf soya lattes.

    For ice cream keep an eye out for gelato shops/stalls as they often good great sorbets. I’m very lucky to have several I can get to that do a dark chocolate sorbet – amazingly yummy. (I have a recipe for a great dark choc sorbet too, if you want it let me know.)

    1. Hey there, thanks for your encouragement. And dark chocolate sorbet sounds amazing! Please send me the recipe.

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