I am going places!

MY ruby slippers.jpg My very own ruby slippers. I truly believe that this is what Dorothy would have worn today instead of high heels on that brick road. But nevermind.

Halleluja, I got new shoes. Since I discarded my old ones last falls, I have been meaning to replace them. I also dusted off my hiking boots a few weeks ago to get ready for completing one of my challenges this year. I hiked 30 km (18.46 miles) with my colleague within 8 hours. Pretty good with no training worth mentioning. We had a great time, the weather played along and despite the steep hill on the last 5 km, that we had to climb and descend, it went really well. Well enough, that we are planning to do it all over again next year. The hike was part of the Saale Horizontale race, a 100 km hike along Jena’s mountains.

After a very busy spring things have finally slowed down this week. Another day of work and I will be off with my family to the Baltic (hence the sandals). I am so ready for some time off.

I am looking forward to being near the Sea again. No apprehension this time. Just pure joy and expectation! How things change…

It’s fun to go places when you got your very own beautiful, ruby slippers on…

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  1. Valesca sagt:

    …und bequem sind sie auch! Nur das meine elgant schwarz sind 🙂
    Gruesse aus dem sonnigen Fraser Valley!

    1. Max hat die sportlich-blauen 🙂

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