I got myself a job

Me happy at workWell actually, I get to keep my current job. Today I signed my contract. And I am so excited!

I realized a few weeks ago, when it became apparent that my temporary contract would turn permanent, that it has been 12 years since I signed on for my last permanent job. And while I enjoyed the flexibility of doing project work and trying out new opportunities, this added security comes just in time for my son starting school in just a few months.

I also just finished another weekend of my yoga teacher training. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as great as the others. The instructor did not find the right approach nor did she manage to pull the group together. There was a constant unrest, people chatting, being late after breaks or simply falling asleep. However, it still elevated my practice this morning and my effortless headstand turned out to be the perfect start for a great day.

Life seems to have regained a flow somehow. Things fall into place bit by bit. Last week I met the lady that manages a co-working space for health practitioners. I had pondered to call them up finding out more about possibly renting a space there to get started with teaching. And every time I tell friends about my plans they seem very interested to check out my classes. So apparently I seem trustworthy enough…

I love how this invisible pull draws me closer. How I am circling this teaching thing, inching towards the starting line. How ideas pop into my head when I could find time… lunch break, evenings, weekends,… possibly. Whether I would offer drop-ins, 10-class courses or monthly passes… What I could say to start the class…

I am slowly sorting out these little tiles of my very own mosaic… reveling in the patterns and colors… turning this dream of mine into reality.