Day 45: Yoga on through

My yoga corner I actually had to check my calendar to find out where I am at. Well, I passed the 40 days. The result? Five days on, weekends off. My alarm is still set for 5:45 am and most mornings I have 45 minutes before my son stumbles in. I enjoy my quiet mornings, even though my mind does not always play along. Then it feels more like a chore having to get up that early. However, I always notice the difference at the end.

While I sneak off into the living room to practice, I finally set up my little yoga corner in the bedroom. My husband painted this beautiful little cupboard for me. I love the morning light in the bedroom too.

My highlight was setting it up on a Saturday afternoon. Finally having this space just for me (in the picture you can’t see the mess around it…). The next morning my son slept in (a miracle!) and I got to use my space…

It was so beautiful. The light, the moment, the uniqueness of it all. I chanted 108 OMs using the mala I bought the week before…

Some precious moments seem to be thread like beads, one following the other in perfect alignment. All we have to do is enjoy the beauty of them all…

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