Day 24: Settling in

Meditation cushionI am more than half way through my attempt at 40 days of yoga practice and found this week that five days on and two off worked with everything else going on. I even managed to avoid too much protest of my son in the morning.

With all these other things on my mind, I am finding it difficult to shut out the noise. The constant conversations in the back of my head are exhausting. However, I can’t remember a time when stress did not affect my digestive system. While the going-ons are manifesting themselves in my right shoulder, my belly has been fine.

I have also felt settled, with an determination of taking my time over things, trying to focus. Because really, let’s face it, I am not working in the ER. So I am chipping away. One item on my list at the time. So it felt quite rewarding when a friend commented last week on how calm I seemed. (Take that stress monster!)

Yesterday I bought a meditation cushion. It is a beautiful blue. I will be sitting on it tomorrow morning at 5:45 am. My morning practice that I am carving out of my usual routines, step by step, shaping this amazing space that allows me to visit myself every morning…