40 days is a revolution…

Digging for new habits This could be day 3. An impressive one at that. After a weekend dedicated to mantras, twists and vibrations I am still resonating…. The intense practice, beautiful mantras, no chitter chatter in my mind at last. One mantra after the other keeps humming in my mind instead.

Yogapod, the studio where I used to practice in North Vancouver, regularly puts on 40 day challenges. The next one is starting tomorrow and it made me think about my own practice. What would it take to commit myself to 40 days of consecutive practice? And while it was a challenge last time I completed one, at least I had a studio where I could go to practice. This time around I would have to get it done on my own with my one weekly class.

But hey, why not?! This is day 3. I have just completed an inspiring weekend. I can do this!

Time to drop a bad habit in exchange for a new one….