I really ought to…

Down at the riverThis is where I go when I feel the need to let go of „stuff“. I focus on whatever thought has been circling around in my head driving me crazy. Then I make a conscious decision to let go. I take a rock and throw it as far as I can. When the physical sensation mingles with the relief of clearing my mind I feel a sense of liberation…

This morning – on my day off – I got up at 6 am, yes voluntarily, to practice yoga. I managed to get up into a head stand, at least briefly. And it felt great to get back into my practice. After dropping off my son at daycare, I went for a walk down at the river. And when I stood on that bridge, I realized that there are many things I really enjoy doing. But like everything in life, things move in cycles. Sometimes I will be really busy at work or at home. Then a quiet period will follow. Also, the intensity of my practice and my writing varies just as much as the intensity of the relationships in my life. And that is okay. Sometimes I find it easier to deal with these cycles and then there are times when I am fighting it.

However, what dawned on me this morning was that often I will have this dialogue with myself about all the things I really ‚ought to do‘, because, you know, I actually enjoy them once I get around to doing them.

But because of the pressure I put on myself to get back into it, I think I actually take longer. There is a sense of resistance, because I don’t like it when someone tells me what to do (a bit crazy since I am talking to myself). I hope you get the drift. So today I decided to write another blog post simply because I want to. I have a day off after all and besides the house cleaning I actually have to do, I want to do some of things that bring me joy.

Now how about that coffee and cake?!

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