Up up and away

Having a balloon of a timeSomething shifted. During the Christmas holidays, I finally sat down to put together a script for my first yoga class. The idea is to practice teaching by instructing other yogis that are attending the program with me. Completing ten of these classes on different subjects is a requirement to receive full credits. Well, there were time slots available and suddenly I had three booked for this year with the first one coming up within two weeks.

I was so nervous. Despite the fact, that I could not actually fail, that it was about getting my feet wet, get feedback and above all try out whether this is what I really want.

Once again I learned that if I do my part, the universe will conspire in my favor. Diving back into my practice, getting back into inversions (hadn’t done a head stand in ages), something just shifted. During my last yoga workshop I met a lady that is just starting the training program, and we were having these great conversations throughout the weekend. Before she headed back home we went for coffee and talked about my first teaching session coming up. And one of the things she pointed out to me how essential authenticity is when teaching.

Of course, I know this. I have read it. I try to practice being authentic as a partner, parent, friend, colleague and to me it was obvious that I would become a authentic teacher. But little did I know what that would mean for me when planning a class.

I struggled to make the script I had put together my own. And here was this woman pointing out to me what I needed to do. And click, the light bulb came on…

With lots of nervousness, shaky voice and lost trail of thought I managed my first teaching attempt. I received great input and valuable feedback. The best comment for me was when the moderator said that my style was very personal. That despite this being my first teaching effort I had not stayed glued to my mat but connected with my participants on a personal level.

Sometimes we know a truth, but struggle to carry it from the inside into the light. The last few weeks have been full. With yoga, with love, with music, with life.

And I have so much gratitude for having the opportunity to travel on this path.