Doing it all again next year…

Heading into the final stretch of 2013, once again I can’t believe how fast the year zoomed by. Even so, many good things happened making me curious as to what next year has in store. My bucket list hasn’t seen much movement, so for 2014 I am pondering challenges… moving out of my comfort zone, taking things up that I used to do or always wanted to try out.

Well, I already started running again, giving me a bit of a head start to New Year’s Day. I am still pondering what race I am going to sign up for… Going for consistency over mega-distances, I think I will be fine. Taking the plunge to finally teach my first yoga class, will be a different story. Getting the words in my head out without completely scrambling them, will be my challenge. But no more excuses; I might have to kidnap some friends and co-workers as test subjects though. And last but not least, to crack the big 100 on my blog.

Above all, HappyTownUSA sums it all up very nicely… wishing all of you a very Happy New Year.