We even got a tree

Where does the path lead us?Earlier this week during our last team meeting this year, it hit me what progress I experienced during the last year.

Reading through my bucket list, I was once again reminded how I like to plan things and life turns out quite differently.

On Tuesday we will be celebrating our first Christmas unpacked in Germany. What a year! We were looking forward to some couch-potato activities. Some cooking experiments. A few celebrations here and there. Well, we missed the fact, that there are relatives to see, guests to host, kids to entertain and the very serious business of having a properly decorated place to boost.

Thanks to my colleague, who was kind enough to point out that our son would probably really enjoy decorating a proper Christmas tree, Granddad has now been tasked to take care of the tree business.

After hitting my personal stress button yesterday morning, my husband suggested grabbing a coffee to chill out… and I broke down my huge to-do list to the must-do for the day and when we left the cafè I had rekindled some Christmas joy.

My day ended with dancing the night away maxing out that very first vacation day till 4 am. More living…

Mehr Leben.