Go ahead… create the holiday you want!

These days its all about the upcoming holidays. Since returning to Germany I get to enjoy lots of Glühwein, Christmas market atmosphere and some more Glühwein. I missed it.

When I was a teenager, I did not enjoy Christmas. With the passing of my grandmother, our families went very much separate ways. Everyone was too absorbed in their own everyday troubles to actually sit down and enjoy each others company. That all changed when I had my son. And I know many parents whose Christmas spirit is being rekindled. It is the shiny eyes of children looking at the lights, presents, Santa Claus; and with grandchildren there is a sense of reconciliation with deeds past. More understanding too.

In a local magazine I read today, people were interviewed about their perception of the holidays. The usual answers abounded: stress, fake, commercial, money, etc.

But you know what, go ahead.. create the holiday you want. It is after all up to every individual to stop and reconsider: What would I really enjoy? Or if you are too stressed to even go there: What is your biggest stress factor? And then change it.

Buying presents? Stop. Spending time with people that make you unhappy? Don’t. Hate cooking? Eat out. Order in.

I believe that often we follow the path well-trodden, calling it tradition. Things we have done the same for how long? But really, if it doesn’t serve us, why not change it?!

So this Christmas I challenge you to go ahead… create the holiday you want! Create a new tradition that gives you joy, happiness and peace. Just like the Christmas cards promise!