Yoga 2: Mountain Pose

CloudsCome to the top of your mat. Feet parallel, heels slightly apart. Feel the surface of your mat underneath your feet. Lift your toes, spread them as wide as you can, slowly put them down one at a time, start with your little toes. Then press your big toe mounds into the mat. Feel your base, how the earth supports you. Build your pose from the ground up.

Your shins spiral in, your thighs spiral out. Use your hands to awaken your legs to this sensation. Press the outside of your shins together while spiraling your calves out. Then use your hands to spiral the inside of your thighs outwards.

Now slowly stack up your upper body. Pull your tailbone under and forward so your pelvis tilts upwards. This movement will support and stabilize your lower back.

Your shoulder blades move down your back, your arms and hands rotate slightly, so your palms face forward. Your head balances on top, chin slightly pulled down to straighten your neck.

Now breath… even… you are in mountain pose. Balanced and calm. On top of a beautiful mountain watching the birds dancing in the sky. Wind-ragged clouds on a blue sky. The ocean far down, an island with green mountains, huge forests. You imagine time flying by, being this mountain. Not being phased by changes, upheaval, enduring, lasting.

Feel the wind on your face. Imagine moving through your day grounded like you are in this moment. What that could feel like. How liberating it could be. Letting go of reacting, judging, drama and riding roller coasters. Being a mountain and just be…