Being vegan is optional

DSC_0391I gave myself a present. I almost got the sales clerk to wrap it, however, then I did not want to waste the wrapping paper…

I love this book, everything about it, the heaviness, the colors of the design, the photography, … and the best part, most of the recipes are under 45 min. prep time. When we were getting ready to leave the store, my son started to kick up a fight wanting to get a book too. It went back and forth for a bit, until I got fed-up, put the book down announcing that no-one was having anything now…

Well, I went back for my book today. I was so sad yesterday to leave it behind. Now I am trying to decide what to cook first…

Once again I am toying with the idea to go vegan. I already own three (no wait, four) vegan cook books. After some enthusiasm about all the new recipes, we end up cooking up the same ones in the rush of everyday life. But winter is coming and a warm kitchen with yummy food are just about the best thing after a long day of work or on a relaxing weekend.

Hopefully, my son will forgive me for not getting him a book too… we can always try out all the desserts first. I am sure he will agree to that!

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