Yoga 1: Open up

Pacific OceanFind a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Today I will take you on a trip to the beautiful Pacific West Coast.

We will take three deep breaths together. Exhale all the air from your lungs, pause and slowly inhale through your nose. Hold. And exhale evenly. Pause. And again. Inhale slowly starting at the bottom of your lungs filling them up all the way. Hold. And exhale, making this a longer exhale then the first one. Pause at the end. And inhale the third time, slow down. Hold at the top and exhale your day, any thoughts your brought with you to the mat. Exhale everything.

Now touch the floor with your fingertips, imagine you are sitting on the beach. Feel the sand. Dig your fingers in, let the sand run through your hands. Feel the texture. Let your hands rest on the cool surface. Pause.

Now focus on your face. A soft breeze is brushing your skin. You breathe in and can taste the salty air, smell the ocean. You can hear the waves washing ashore. Pause.

With the next inhale raise your arms over your head, touch your palms at the top. Exhale and pull them down your mid-line to your heart. Two more. Inhale, raise your arms, touch your palms together at the top, exhale to your heart. Last one. Inhale, make a beautiful circle with your arms, touch and exhale to your heart.

Welcome to the Pacific Ocean! Today we will open our arms to the spaciousness. Where one world ends, right here at the shore, another one begins.

Our tree pose will aspire to grow roots as deep as the rain forest and branches reaching towards the sky. Our mountain pose will honor the rugged coast lines all the way up to Alaska. And our warriors will be strong like the bears and soaring like the eagles.

I invite you to open up to a place that is terrifyingly vast, breathtakingly beautiful and overwhelmingly strong…. open up your heart.