Finding Grace

ImageSome conversations I have had over the last few weeks remind me again that acceptance can truly be empowering. I have written about asking for grace before. One of the – in my eyes anyway – profound virtues of individuals I find inspiring is their ability to find grace in the face of adversary. What I found out over the years that this is not in fact some magic code in their genetic make-up but an acquired skill. Something that they have learned by practicing.

While birds seem to find grace by learning to fly, I find myself scrambling for composure, trying not to react, letting leaves drift away down the river and above all asking for help.

Creating my own rituals to send some obsessive thoughts „on their way“, literally, helps me. Finding my own rituals to cope. Invent them if necessary.

I am not sure if there is a German word for grace. It is being translated „Gnade“, which is closer to mercy. Maybe Germans are naturally suspicious of grace; there is an elegant, lighter quality to grace, not the hunkered down, sticking it out mentality, being released from your suffering by mercy, by an outside force rather than finding release by letting something go. Maybe I am out on a limb here, but for me letting go by releasing thoughts into the water and the air helps me to make room to invite good things in. To clean house with some kind of grace has a gentleness that I certainly appreciate.