Indian Summer in Jena


My very first trip to Canada took me to Ontario in October of 1995. Shortly before we had seen a video about the Indian Summer in English class and when my Dad took me with him to Toronto for a few days, all I wanted was to visit Algonquin Park.

So we rented a car for the day and went. It was all I thought it would be. Trees for miles, just us on the road with views of yellow and red coloured maple trees. I absolutely loved it!

In October of 1999 I went to Vancouver for the first time and discovered that Indian Summer was clearly a phenomenon of the East Coast. Nevertheless, the rain forest greenery quickly won me over.

Jena’s fall is different, it has a quiet charm. No Canadian shield vastness, but many little gems.


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  1. Harold Rhenisch sagt:

    Not to worry! Here in the west of Canada, we don’t get those Algonquin moments, either. Subtlety and sudden clearings of light, in the German fashion, are the thing. On the Pacific Coast, though, the birch trees turn green with moss in the fall, when they lose their leaves. That’s pretty special. I’ve never seen that in Germany, but I’ve only been there once in the fall. My guess is it would show up in the Rhine Valley, with all those old celtic groves… but in Jena? You’d have to tell me. I’d love to know. I’m sure you could leave a note with the Erlkönig. He’d probably deliver it, underground.

    1. Hello Harold,
      thanks for stopping by. How small the world is! I was very surprised to find a photo of graffiti in Jena on your site. And even more surprised that you are from Vernon with German ancestors. I have lived in Vancouver for 12 years and only been back here in Jena since 2012. I remember the Okanagan having some very beautiful colours in fall. Around Vancouver it was green all-year round with the rain forest. Which was amazing too, since Germany gets quite grey during winter.

      1. Harold Rhenisch sagt:

        Quite a nice grey, though! At least I thought so. Jena is one of my secret special places. I’m glad you escaped Vancouver. Very well done, that. Best, Harold

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