I have been away for a while

Balctic Sea Actually, just here and there. But I have been away for a while from my blog. Not intentionally, it just happened that way. I was busy, yes. But I have been busy before. Truth is, I did not make it a priority. And practicing yoga has not been a priority either. Not only is my body rebelling (read backaches), so is my mind. Circling around things, obsessing about other peoples‘ behavior…. I know better!

So this is my way back. It turns out that once the one year mark passed, I have been feeling up for travelling again. I will be sharing some pictures here soon. I went away a few times since June and enjoyed it tremendously.

My son insisted on going to the Baltic; most of his friends did, so we went too. I was wondering whether it would trigger my yearning for the Pacific. There was a pull on my heart strings, ever so slightly. The spot we visited had nothing wild about it though. And I am not sure whether it was knowing this body of water is so much smaller, but I did not feel the same awe that I have for the Pacific Waters. Be it as it may. I love the sea. The air, the sand, the dunes. I wished we could have stayed longer.

Now back home we have been having the small version of an Indian Summer. The days have been sunny and crisp. Colourful leaves abound.

I have been away for a while… in many ways, actually. Now I am back home.