Day 11: Finding treasures

I came across a little treasure today.

Another blogger that found me and me finding her blog called luvwhatuce in return… a little treasure box of inspirations. The following five statements are great reminders of what can be rewarding in our lives.

Fill in the blanks with your own words…

1- “A goal I’m currently working toward is ___________.”
2- “Something that makes me incredibly happy is  _____________.”
3- “I feel healthy when _____________.”
4- “I’m striving to be more accepting of ____________.”
5- “I feel strong when I am ____________.”

Ein Kommentar Gib deinen ab

  1. Here are my thoughts:
    1- “A goal I’m currently working toward is a regular yoga and running practice.”
    2- “Something that makes me incredibly happy is a big smile and I love you from my son, any time.”
    3- “I feel healthy when I am eating healthy, home-made meals and get regular exercise.”
    4- “I’m striving to be more accepting of myself and others.”
    5- “I feel strong when I am chilling out in downward dog.”

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