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  1. This is a topic I’ve been looking at in myself as well! Ramble proceeds

    I just did a massive amount of writing on something in my own life regarding freedom and obligation and perceived limitations. I think that those self-created limitations, the shoulds, the assumptions of what is expected and/or demanded actually have a great deal of benefit to us that we don’t recognize. I’m not rooting for them, but trying to understand their value to bring balance to the perceived conflict between freedom and obligation.

    A balance to mend a rift. A rift in relationship to self, a rift in self-identification, and the rifts in intimacy with others that those internal conflicts can bring.

    For me, in the quantum of feelings, FREEDOM brings such a huge positive uplifting, up-leveling, brightening feeling of flow, truth, self, expansion… That feeling might manifest itself in an idea about how I could live my life, or even (embarrassingly) it might be focussed or symbolized in the idea of a possession of a THING or in the symbol that in possessing a thing I honour a deep truth, or a true me (a particular job, a house in the jungle on a beach, a beautiful aluminum guitar, a specific lifestyle)… There’s an exhilaration… sometimes an infatuation…

    In the quantum of feelings, I think it’s worthwhile to balance that out. To look at the drawbacks of living that Freedom, the drawbacks if all those shoulds didn’t exist. What would be the drawbacks in all aspects of life? For yourself and others? Maybe the benefits that the shoulds have brought. I don’t mean this in a sense to tarnish the positivity and be pessimistic about such a beautiful experience as feeling FREEDOM, but to find a way to be more balanced in my understanding of FREEDOM so it’s not a thing in the mind on the highest part of the quantum of feeling, but a realized rooted lived state of being.

    Oh shit, I ramble without editing. Ummm… ummm… I gotta go run a hotel 🙂

    1. Hey Matt, thanks for sharing. I hear what you are saying. Funny enough, when I wrote this I was thinking of the limitations that hold as back. Looking at the limitations that bring a certain discipline to our lives and hold as accountable for our actions, is definitely an important area to look at. On the other hand, I also believe that there is a very thin line between following what we think others expect from us, fulfilling our obligations and giving up that freedom to make a deliberate choice. So again, thanks for sharing, wish we could chat about this some more. 🙂 Lots of love from ours to yours, Ramona

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