I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!

I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!“

This is me most mornings when I am trying to get ready for work and my son (instead of understanding my very important adult world) wants to cuddle, read a story and then another one. I have improved a lot. We now read every morning after waking up. And I do make a point of asking whether he had any dreams and giving him a cuddle. However, I do okay for about half an hour. Then I start to speed up. And when I am taking him to daycare I will be standing there repeating above-mentioned phrase.

Now, today I still kept saying that we needed to get going but because he was going to stay overnight at a friend’s house, I didn’t want to get stressed and drop him off in a rush regretting it as soon as I turned the next corner. Because, really, what could be more important than sharing cuddles and reading books.

Tonight my husband and I spent a really quiet evening. No energetic, bouncing 5-year old in the background. And I realized once again how little I am ready to let him be a big boy just yet. While I greatly value my me-time and need it too, as I find out every time I don’t take a break, I so enjoy the craziness that children bring to my home. Yes, many minutes, hours and days I yearn for peace and quiet, but once I have it, honestly, life gets boring quickly.

I am looking forward to picking him up from daycare tomorrow, listening to his endless ramblings on the way home (did I mention he doesn’t stop talking…?), watching the dedication on his face while eating an ice cream cone and cuddle him closely till he tells me he has had enough…

Then we will play hide-and-seek meaning he will tell me where to hide and where he is hiding… Fun Times!