Root to rise

DSC_0132 I am back online. After two weeks without yoga I just completed my 6th yoga teacher weekend and I feel amazing. I underestimated how much mental effort it is to start a new job, no matter if I have amazing support from my new colleagues. So all the changes combined with my ever-present sinus issues totally zapped my energy.

Now I am five weeks into my new job with great things happening all around. We got a new camera and OMG I love taking pictures. It is right up there with the joy I feel when I am inspired enough to write. So I have been playing around with that. And I can’t wait to learn more. We also got another laptop. I know total spending spree. But hey, sometimes it is so worth it. Our desktop PC was in repair and my hubby was so frustrated with my old, slow, teeny-weenie notebook that he practically forced me to choose a new computer. Well, I was an active participant.

The icing on the cake… last night we booked tickets for a boys‘ trip to see my husband’s family in England leaving one happy mummy at home alone for a week.

Sometimes I don’t need a lottery win, just a new camera, a new laptop and some time to myself…

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