Happy Canada Day!

Thinking about maple leaves, maple syrup, red and white stripes, Canada Day parades, Oh Canada, BBQs, picnics, weekend get-a way’s, ferry line-ups, Canada flag tattoos, fireworks, music, friends!

Someone asked me the other day what Vancouver is like. I talked at lengths about multiculturalism, because Canada Day reminds of how different nations can peacefully co-exist under the Maple Leaf, like an umbrella.

Being German, celebrating Canada Day was very liberating for me. There is nothing comparable in Germany. We have October 3rd, the German Unity Day. However, it is not a celebration of the people all over Germany. I am not sure how true this is, but in my head most Germans are happy about the additional statutory holiday and whatever is being celebrated is perceived as political background noise. The only time I recall Germans actually celebrating their nationality was in 2006 when they hosted the FIFA World Cup.

I will be waving my little Canadian paper flag tomorrow. Happy Canada Day to all of you and have a great party!