Year One … 10 findings

1. Moving sucks.

2. Moving continents is worse.

3. I won’t ever do that again.

4. There is still a chance, that I might do this again.

5. I can’t believe some of the things I decided to pack. What was I thinking?! I should have taken the pepper mill instead.

6. If you leave all your furniture and household items behind, it will be necessary to re-purchase most of it yet again, which can be rather frustrating. Who would have thought!

7. The grass is not greener, but longer. Germans don’t cut their lawns as often as the paid gardeners in Vancouver.

8. When I said I missed the water I was talking about the Ocean not flooding due to torrential rainfall.

9. I wish Germany had something similar to Canada Day and BC Day to get an extra day off in July and August. While we had three (!) statutory holidays in May, the next one is not until October 3rd. Seems a bit of a waste if you ask me…

10. Well, at least that way I know what to do with my 29 vacation days…