It is done

Today, quietly, in between cleaning up the house and baking a cake for friends coming over later, it was done. Exactly 17 days short of our 1st anniversary living in Germany it is done. And all that is left now, is an empty box. The last one. So, what now?

No more excuses. We are here. We have physically arrived. Strange. I guess I was waiting for a big drum roll. Who knows. Fact is, all that stuff about sitting on unpacked boxes is now officially BS. I can be called on it.

At the end of the day, what I find most baffling about the human mind (or at least my very human mind) is that I could easily get into a worried frenzy about moving. I mean, seriously, I could actually talk myself into worrying about having to pack everything up yet again. How silly is that. We only just got here.

So yes, the suitcases and boxes are unpacked. How about unpacking some of these irrational worries next? They seem to fill up an unually large amount of space in my head…