Peace, Love and Light

Peace, Love and Light is something one of my yoga teachers used to say at the end of class. For me this meant peace of mind, love myself and the light will shine from within.
During meditation in today’s yoga class, we were asked to imagine being older (in the sense of wiser not more frail), five, ten years or more from now, it did not matter. And then to imagine that things we struggle with today, won’t be issues any more, since we would have found a way to deal with them.

The teacher also asked us to visualize what that would feel like. Not struggling, having the answers to these challenges. And right away, I felt this sensation of peace rising.

He also asked us to think about where we would like to be, what we would like to do. Which took me back to a place near the ocean, teaching yoga, feeling very much at ease with this sense of openness. Very serene indeed.

While I don’t necessarily believe that I will ever be without some kind of internal struggle, reminding myself of where I would like to be a few years down the road is a beautiful light to guide me through the everyday storms, kind of like a lighthouse. Because really, if we could stop roaming about thinking the promised lands where beyond the horizons instead of our own backyard, life could be more blissful instantly.

I am making a big change yet again. A new job is coming up at the beginning of June. I am excited. I am also a bit nervous. But mainly ecstatic.

At peace with life as it is and presents itself. Love for all lessons that life’s challenges can teach us. The light at the end of the tunnel, when we need it the most.

Peace, Love and Light.