Never say never

Who would have thought that most of my blog would be about homesickness. I never dreamed of pondering the various forms of missing someone and something. I also didn’t consider how homesickness sneaks up, gets triggered, comes in waves, can be debilitating and brings about profound realization… sometimes at the same time.

I left Germany all these years ago, however, I never intended to immigrate to Canada. And then one day I just did. I sort of had to since my work visa extension was refused and I wanted to stay with my husband. So it happened. Now I am discovering how this move is so different.

This weekend I received two separate messages from close friends telling me the Night Market in North Van started up again and that we were missed dearly. Well, how things go, the day before I went for my first run in ages, along the river with nature in her best spring outfit, I felt at peace. And there was the test, the curve ball, the what if…

My son added to my dilemma by telling me today that he wanted to keep our apartment in Canada because he liked it there. In return to my reply that he had so much more space in his new room here, he commented that he wanted to stay in Canada because it is so much bigger! Then he asked again when Grandma will be arriving since he could not possibly wait any longer…

Two sides of the same coin…

I am waiting for this wave to recede…

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