Lost in translation … again

After two ’no yoga‘ weeks I thoroughly enjoyed the last teacher training session this weekend. It was all about methodology and principles of teaching. I completed this workshop earlier (my group was scheduled for October), because I really wanted to know where to start. What do I need to do to start teaching?

Well, I felt out of my element. Most participants were up front for a little while attempting to demonstrate one way or another how to introduce new students to a posture. I didn’t even know where to begin. I realized, I don’t even have the vocabulary. Here my Lost in Translation problem resurfaces.

So this is my first task. Re-learn my own language in a way. And find new vocabulary to utilize these yoga tidbits in my head. Well, I got my work cut out for me.

But it is also exciting. At least I got a starting point now. It’s a long way. And the most difficult thing? It’s not so much the learning, it is finding the time in my day to do it.

So, wish me luck. Send me some spare minutes over if you got some. I will keep you posted on how my yoga vocabulary lessons are going…