Choices for my lunch break today included:

#1 Getting some work done while chugging some food down at the same time.
#2 Burying my head in the sand to not go into full panic mode when looking at my to-do-list for the next two weeks.#3 Trying to answer some emails/make some calls so I wouldn’t have to do them all in the evening.
Or #4 Being ‚irresponsible‘ and sod it all to go for coffee and write my blog…
Well, here I am…

I just got back from a three-day work trip. Actually, it went well. I got to know some of my colleagues a little better. Nothing major went wrong. My biggest challenge was, as usual, to get a decent night’s sleep anywhere but my own bed. Impossible!

Sometimes when I describe to others what I am attempting to fit into my schedule, they look at me with bewilderment and ask me how I manage. Well, I am down to about 5-6 hours of sleep. I have a very understanding husband. And I try not to think too much of what is next on my long list (I am also still hoping that some things will take care of itself when ignored long enough…).

Busyness seems to come in waves. When I signed up for my 2nd yoga weekend this month, I didn’t know about having to go away for work shortly after. And now my dutiful voice tells me I should cancel. Well my little nutty voice shouts back no way, it’s a new teacher, my back is (literally) aching for three days of yoga. I want to learn more about teaching… who wants to spend time with filing their taxes anyway…

So here you go, this is my ten minute coffee break ramble. I am trying to maintain my sanity amidst of a crazy work week, family life, to-do-lists (did I mention that I started writing Top Priority lists of my actual ‚master‘ list. Can you believe it?) and my mind trying to break free.

Running off for a coffee break or planning a yoga weekend while my house is a mess….

Trusting when my balancing act turns into a mudslide someone will be able to help digging me out…

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