Letting go

Last weekend I had my third yoga teacher training session. We had a different instructor this time and that always changes the dynamics. It was very interesting. Lots of good work with standing poses. It made me feel very grounded and connected but also left me yearning for some growth or maybe just the need to become „unstuck“.

Sunday morning we started with a meditation. Whenever I finally come into stillness, the first images in my head are usually somewhere on the West Coast in Canada. Next comes a wave of feeling home sick. No different this time. But then it passed. I think for once I actually managed to let it go. With some sadness of course. But I did.

Interesting enough, I had a conversation with someone earlier that week about the need to let go in order to arrive.

These days seem to be all about letting go of stuff.

Letting go of resentments from disagreements with family members. Letting go of fear that things won’t work out as planned. Letting go of expectations about what we should have accomplished by now.

And then there are these fluid moments when this concept actually works. Letting go of the clutter. Creating space for something new. Acceptance of what the new is not what it should be.

Exhilarating. Feeling lighter and bouncing off into the sunset…