Yoga in my bedroom

Have I mentioned that I have now taken to practicing in my cosy bedroom? Yes, it is still messy and not nearly as Om as I would like, but I can close the door behind me and actually practice in the evening. Last week I finally checked out Eoin Finn’s podcasts. He is a surfer dude and yogi living in Ucluelet, which is basically at the Western edge of Canada. One of them is called Ukee Summer Flow Routine. It was such a ray of sunshine, especially because we still had winter weather here.

Squished between boxes, paint splats on the window sill and suitcases (our dresser is yet again delayed), I was dreaming of standing at Tofino’s beach looking at the waves rolling onto shore. We were there with a friend and his son last spring before moving.

After rolling out my mat in all these other rooms, it is great to finally feel like things are settling down. We have been living in between boxes a year now.

And after a brief visit a few weeks ago, spring is finally back in town. About bloody time, I tell you. It is time to dust myself off and start living it up… yogi-style with a piece of that banana bread waiting for me.