Balancing my Easter eggs

Today is the first time I am writing in my kitchen looking out over a few roof tops. The pale winter sun is trying to break through making the day look a wee bit more friendly. But really, there is a snow dusting on the roof across and I can see the flag at the theatre blowing in the wind. I know… it is still f****** freezing out there. Not some Canadian -50 degrees with windchill but still cold enough that the Easter egg hunt will take place indoors and I am considering staying in PJ’s like my son, not leaving the house all day.

It is finally Easter, four days off. I need it. Fighting one cold after another. Being busy at work. Trying to fit in more yoga. Wanting to write. Spending time with family and friends. The days are getting shorter and shorter it seems. I have been struggling to find balance.

After starting my home practice a few weeks back. I was so excited about finally having a morning practice that I started getting up even earlier. Well, needless to say, it backfired because I didn’t manage to get to bed earlier and at the end of the week I was totally exhausted.

It is a catch 22. Without yoga I find it difficult to create enough space in my mind to write. But my ongoing sinus issues scream for more rest. Getting more sleep has been challenging since I really need some time in the evenings to get things done around the house.

Yesterday though it dawned on me, instead of doing more, I could try to just sit. Instead of doing vinyasas, I could not do, but just sit and breath. Getting back to feeling more grounded.

There is also a voice telling me I should cut down on sugar and caffeine. Well, maybe after Easter.