Feel the music, feel the joy

What brings you joy? For me it is music.

Last week I went to a concert with an old friend of mine. I was hesitating at first, since I was tired and had to go to work the next day. While I didn’t know the band, I knew their previous musical efforts which go back a decade or so.

Anyhow, they played their first song and all I could think was OMG I forgot how some music just goes right through me all the way to my fingertips and gives me goosebumps. Like electricity would, I guess (not that I want to find out).

My next thought was, that is exactly how I want to teach yoga. To inspire others to find joy in their lifes. Not just the small giggles. The standing in tree pose growing your branches into the sky opening your chest up to let the sun in kind of joy.

Yes, yoga is finding contentment and gratitude for me. But it is also about being centered enough to reach, to grow, to connect to something bigger than me.

To me that is also about finding my purpose. And I know when I feel joy at that level, I can connect with others and share the positive energy that comes from it. Because it radiates warmth and compassion.